Blogging or beginners

Blogging for beginners: little advice for newbies

Many people are going into blogging nowadays, and the poor thing is that not many of them actually succeed that’s why I wrote this article on blogging for beginners

The reason why many bloggers fail is due to the lack of knowledge on how blogging works and what to do to succeed. Blogging might be seen easily if you hear top bloggers talking about it, but that’s not the case.

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Take a wrong move to blogging
wrong move to blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging first started as a way to have an online personal weblog, in which a person would journal about their day. From “weblog” came the term “blog.” But for me and you, blogging is the process of researching and updating contents to a website.

Blogging for beginners: here are some tips for you

Here are some pieces of advice that might help you in blogging.

Do not rush making money from blogging

One thing that brings most people into blogging is to make huge money. if that’s your aim, I am not against it. In fact, we are all blogging for money or aim. But when rush into something with the aim to make huge money, you will not have the time to learn and be a pro in such profession

If you don’t understand the concept of blogging and the way to optimize it so as to get traffic which in return brings money, you will just be like newbie bloggers who don’t know what to do to get money.

What am I trying to say? lean all it takes to become a blogger and learn all it takes to have a successful blog, such as SEO, Layout settings, etc.

Be consistent, determined and ready to learn

No one is a master. I spent more than 6 months learning how blogging works, taking advice from experts, searching Google for answers, watching Udemy courses and so much. You can and should do the same. Blogging might sound easy but not actually so.

There is something about blogging. If you have been blogging for some while and don’t see any great response, it really hurt and might make you want to quit. The problem is not you and nobody is following you from the village rather. All you have to do is to keep going and keep learning because what you know is not enough.

Choose a niche you can write best

When you want to start with blogging, it’s a good thing to choose a niche that you know best and can write on without a shortage of articles or words. One reason for this is that it will help you write without copying from another site. This is bad.

Choose the best blogging platform

There are tons of blogging platforms out there, but the question is “what is the best blogging platform?” Well, if you have been wondering what platform to use don’t worry WordPress is here.

WordPress hosts up to 24% of the sites on the World Wide Web. WordPress is the best blogging platform so far. It’s also the one powring SholaNG. WordPress has many features like installing plugins, themes, customizing and so much more.

Follow up with top bloggers

Follow up with top bloggers
Image source: Pixabay

It is very easy to know more things and stay up to date with what’s actually going on in the blogging world if you are following up with people who are top in the business.

How can you do this?

You can do this by subscribing to their newsletter, reading their articles, dropping questions and following them on social media. Most of them are very friendly ( just like me) you can ask questions and am sure there will answer you.

Write as if you are talking

When writing blog posts, it’s a secret you don’t write too professional. Beeing professional in writing isn’t a bad thing though, but when you do that, you become short of words and might make your post not lengthy enough.

What to do is to be friendly with your computer and think trough your article as if you are telling someone the article, then start writing. Your post will be lengthy and your readers will understand better.

Write frequently

Don’t be a runaway blogger, write articles frequently, don’t be lazy. A blogger is called a blogger because of his/her writing skills. If you can’t write, then why are you a blogger?

Keep researching always and find new keywords every day, jot them down and write on them always. At least, a blog post per day.

Build an email list

It’s very important to build an email list for your blog. Turn your visitors to your readers, let them sign up to your form and send them relevant content, this brings back traffic because some visitors may come ones and might never return. Get them to engage in your previous articles.

NOTE: Only send relevant contents to avoid registered users from unsuscribing

Be ready to share your knowledge

When blogging, you are sharing your knowledge with the world or let me say “to your readers”. Your readers will learn from you, so write what you know to the fullest.

Give yourself time, it’s needed

Many people complain about their blog not growing, you know why? Because your blog is now and you are also new. You will think you know it all when you haven’t known much, it happens. Just keep learning, as a blogging beginner you need it.

Use catchy titles

Your title brings people to read your articles, it’s great if you write titles that will catch your readers’ attention.

Don’t say because you want to make people to come, you then use titles that are not related to your articles.

Use titles that are related but in a sensible way. someone like me, if I go to a blog post because of the title and I found out its a different content. I will just go back immediately. I am sure I’m not the only one that is going to do that. Many people will also, increasing your bounce rate.

Conclusions on Blogging for Beginners

Blogging is not a day job, keep trying and you will be at the top one day. The important thing is for you not to give up. Take all my advice and also the advice of top bloggers, it will help you a lot.

I hope you enjoy what you’ve read? Your questions and views are welcome in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share, sharing is caring.

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