logo design online free without registration

Logo design online free without registration

We can’t deny the fact that any business be it online or offline business you need a logo, but for beginners, you might not have the money to begin your journey, here are websites that offer logo design online free without registration.

For arriving here, you could have searched the following

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  • How can I make a logo online for free?
  • What is the best free logo maker?
  • How can I make a logo for my name?
  • Which software is best for logo design?
  • How can I make a good logo?

No matter what your search is or what you are looking for, I wrote this article for you.

Is it possible to design a logo online?

Someone might ask that question, there are many programmers online that have created websites offering logo designs. Most of them are paid while some are free.

In this article am covering the free ones.

Is it advisable to create a logo online?

Honestly speaking, it isnt that recommended to create a logo online but there is nothing wrong about it.

When creating a logo online, you are helping programmers use their products and might have a clue about how graphic designing works.

Best free online logo maker without registration

When I was making my research on this article, I found out there are many of website out there claiming to offer logos for free and when I check them, there tell you to pay some little money at the end of your logo. That really annoying.

Well, don’t get annoyed anymore, I have the best free ones here on my list.

1. Free logo designs


Free Logo Design is one of the online logo designers out there. You simply put your company name (Logo’s name) and category then different options will be brought to you.


Fill in your details as I did above and click the get started button

Logo design online free

Click your prefered design to go to the editor area.

Logo design online free

In this area, you can customize your logo as to your wish. After that, you click on the save icon at the top right of the site.

Logo design online free

Simply click on the Download button to download your logo and you are done creating your logo.

Features of FreeLogoDesigns

  • Fast way to create a logo.
  • No watermark on logos.
  • 200x200px Free size for your logo.
  • You can edit the colour, font size, font, modify the form of the logo, add icons, etc.
  • The only real limitation is your imagination.
  • You can use your logo on websites, facebook profiles.
  • No need to give credits.
  • With FreeLogoDesign, you don’t need to create an account.
  • And so much more…

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2. Flammingtext

Flamming text

I have been using Flammingtext for years now, it helps me to design a simple text logo for my project, testing sites and much more.

Flamming text is a free and fast way to design text logos. You just put your preferred name and you get many suggestions.

Logo design online free

After you click on “Get Started”. You get the following screen

Logo design online free

Click on your prefered design, and start customizing.

Logo design online free

You can decide to edit it to your taste or download straight forward. That’s all

Features of Flamingtext

  • FlamingText.com provides free graphic design tools.
  • Premade designs over 100
  • Free of charge
  • No registration require
  • You can save logos for later use
  • Logos are easy to create
  • It can be used to create professional-looking banners, invitations and much more.

Free Bonus

Here is another list of free online logo creators, but you are required to create an account with them. But it’s still free

3. FotoJet


This meets all of your needs for making quality graphic designs, creating photo collages and editing photos!

Ther are also one of the fastest and unique free logo creators out there.

With only a few clicks, you can create professional artworks, even without any experience with FotoJet

No download or registration required; effortless and time-saving! You don’t need to fill a single registration. But ouch, you need to fill a form. Which form? The only form you need to fill is for your logo.

Logo design online free

Click on “Create a Design” button to get started.


  • Free to create logos
  • Thousands of templates
  • Unique designs
  • 247 Availability
  • You can create photo collages
  • Edit pictures
  • Video editor
  • Stunning designs
  • Powerful tools
  • Easy to use
  • Rich Templates & Resources
  • Free tutorials available

If you are planning to get advance building tools, you should try them, you can even try the premium plans for more offer.

4. LogoYes


Build a logo fast and easy with LogoYes, it is easy to use: anyone can do it! Create a professional logo in minutes!

Place your logo on a Web card: a mobile business card you can use to drive leads.

Logo design online free

Click on “Build A Logo Now” to get started.

Then select your prefered image icon, after you select your icon type. After that, click on continue.

Logo design online free

Customize your logo and click on the Next button.

Logo design online free

You will get to the final page and be requested to purchase a web card of $0.99. Then you get your logo.

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Conclusions on “logo design online free without registration”

We all know how important logos are to our works and business, it represents our brand and lets customers know us better. It also lets customers build trust with us. That’s how important a logo is.

As I said from the beginning of this article, it is not recommended to create a logo online for a big brand or business.

Maybe when you start, you can use them, but as you are growing gradually, ensure to hire a professional graphic designer, that will make a logo for you and your business.

Another reason you don’t use online logo creators is that people with the same brand name can come up with the same logo. And you can’t file a complain, because that’s not copyright infringement. Websites that offer logo design online free without registration will not fight for you or help you either.

Who to get a graphic design?

You can get a graphic designer at some popular freelance websites such as Fiverr. This can be a bit expensive.

Another way to get a graphic designer is on social media. Thiers are cheaper.

You can contact me to connect you to my graphic designers.

Hope you enjoyed this article? Drop your comments in the comment section! You can also

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