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Make Money Through Facebook: Best 15+ ways in 2020

Facebook is currently the largest social media on the World Wide Web, with 1.59 billion people on average log, really huge right? So what if you can make money on facebook so you don’t only waste time chatting you should also be getting money. I don’t know how it sounds for you but for me, it’s great!

In this article, am going to show you 15 perfect ways to make money through facebook. If you are reading this article and want to make money on facebook, congrats to you!

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It took me a lot of time to compile these article and resources together if you are planning to make money with facebook, you should choose one or two of the listed opportunities and work it carefully and see yourself succeed.

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How to make money through facebook

These are the perfect opportunities to become a facebook marketer or worker. Because Facebook is the largest online community, it’s going to be easy to make it through.

1. Start affiliate promotions

Over the past few years, Affiliate marketing has grown to an average of 201,000 searches per month, making it one of the topmost searched keyword on Google.

Affiliate program
(Image source: Top 5 SEO)

You can start by selling affiliate product to your facebook friends, facebook groups, and other interested people on facebook.

It’s really simple, get an affiliate program, get your referral link and publish it on facebook post and pages or also to your groups. Whenever someone purchases the affiliate product with your link, you get your commission.

Recommended Affiliate Programs You Should Start

As a facebook affiliate marketer, you need to choose an affiliate program that will suit your friends, customers and audience. It will not be a good thing to sell a product you know quite well that your audiences are not interested in.

Here are some affiliate programs that pay. I even use them my self so you don’t have to worry.

a. Domainking Affiliate Program

If you know your audience deals with web-related, you can get into this affiliate and advertise it to your Facebook friends and tell them good reasons why there should use Domainking.

To start with this, visit Domainking from this link

Create an account, you don’t need to buy a domain or hosting to do this, but if you want to purchase a host you can still use the link.

On this dashboard, you will see your referral link. Copy this link and share it with your Facebook friends.

Ensure to use url shortners so your friends don’t by pass your ID.

b. Luno

Luno is a bitcoin-related company where you can buy and invest in bitcoin. But this review is not about bitcoin, so how do we use this to our facebook marketing favour.

Luno has a referral program where you get paid whenever you refer someone to join and save money.

You will have to create an account with Luno, get your referral link and share it with your facebook friends, telling them why there need to invest. It won’t be a bad idea if you invest some money in your account.

c. Nnu Forum

Who doesn’t want to make money online? Nnu Forum is a site created by G-Cybertech. A professional web and ICT business registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (2453653)

You get paid when you refer someone to join. You also earn money by reading news, posting and commenting on the site.

That means you will earn ₦1,000 ($2.75) per each referral. Awesome right? If you can refer 100 facebook friends. That’s a whooping ₦100,000.

d. Jumia Affiliate program

Who has not heard of Jumia? Or who don’t like getting their sales straight to their doorstep? Am sure everyone has. You can now make an affiliate with Jumia and advertise it on facebook, you will earn your commission after your friends purchase via your link.

How you should do it?

Log on to Jumia Affiliate site. Create an account and log in to your dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can make you your affiliate links.

To do this, you should choose a special product on Jumia you know it will be good for your friends to buy it. Then log in to your affiliate dashboard, Advertiser, then Link builder. You can then put the product’s URL into the form to get your referral code.

Then log on to Facebook and make a post telling your friends why there should buy it and make sure you tell them its a low price sale.

When there purchase through your link, you get your commission.

The best way to do this is in facebook sales groups that have huge members.

e. Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow is a popular Nigeria online travel program part of Limited

The affiliate of Wakanow deals with getting people who want to travel. Make them book a flight with your Wakanow affiliate link and earn your commission.

I need to be honest with you, this program requires premium registration. So f you want to get into this, you should be ready to get people. You can also refer people to join the affiliate and you will be paid 50% of their registration fee.

Click here to learn more and join Wakanow Affiliate

I will stop here for the recommended affiliate programs you should join. The main concept is for you to know how it works, you can then go do some research depending on your facebook audience or friends. Find what there are interested in and get a product you can advertise to them.

As I always say, let Google be your friend.

2. Learn facebook ad publishing

What are Facebook ads?

Have you been using facebook for a while now? Am sure you would have seen a post type with an image showing Sponsored. That is an ad, that is used to advertise businesses, works, products and brands.

The advertisers have to pay Facebook some money to get them to show others those ads.

How can Facebook ads make you money?

For this to work for you, you must work as a freelancer. How? You will have to learn how it works and help others do it.

There are many companies out there looking for a way to advertise their business or brands to the world using social media. If there see you are good, there will pay you to set up the as for them.

Do you think Facebook has no click on their ads? NO. Facebook is on track to make over $4 billion in revenue this year from advertising. Some people are interested.

3. Page building marketing can make you money on facebook

This is also a good way to earn money on Facebook. It deals with selling of Facebook pages.

How this works

If you want to do this, you will have to build a facebook page and get an audience for it. You will sell the page after you successfully built it and gather the audience the buyer may need.

This is because many business owners don’t have enough time to build their audience and campaign.

This is similar to Facebook marketing, the difference is that you will need to build the page first.

Is selling Facebook page legal?

Facebook doesn’t really mention about the selling of facebook pages are illegal. There mention that to sell a facebook page, you should get their permission before selling it.

So if you want to be totally legal, try taking permission from facebook before selling.

4. Group building marketing

Similar to the above mention, this involves the building of facebook groups and selling it to people who are in need of groups.

How can you do this

Create a facebook group, manage and make sure you get enough audience. That means you should have relevant people depending on your preferred niche.

You can create a sales group, this group can be relevant to people who are into buying and selling or have a sales website.

You can create a group with the focus for bloggers, webmasters, designers or marketers. Because these set of people are the most relevant when it comes to the internet.

Choosing your price

If you want to choose a price, you should consider the following:

  • The members
  • The engagement of the members
  • How useful the group can be
  • How many people are ready to buy
  • The response of members to the group activities.

5. Sell eBooks to make money on Facebook

Make money on facebook by selling ebook
Make money on facebook by selling ebooks

Do you know what ebook is? Ebook is in the form of an article that is usually a PDF file. That may consist of images, links and mostly tutorials.

Selling ebooks can be a good way to make money if you know something and you were able to write it down in an ebook, then sell it to people in need.

How to get ebooks?

Making an ebook can be time-consuming, technical or hard. And the truth is that, if you don’t know an article, you can’t be able to write an ebook. Does that mean making money on facebook by selling ebooks, not for you?

Don't worry, you can make money on facebook
Don’t worry, you can make money on facebook

Don’t worry, I have a site that offers thousands of ebooks for free, you even have the right to resell them.

How it works

You only visit the site, get the ebook of your choice and sell it to facebook friends who are interested.

The ebooks have a private label so it can be freely distributed or sold. NO matter the amount you sell it, the whole money belongs to you.

To get started, click the here

When you get to the site, create an account. Navigate to the products section to get your products. Download it and start selling. There also have the premium section where you can get access to all the ebooks and software.

You can also get into their affiliate program where you earn for referring people. Since am focusing on the ebook section, am not going too deep about this.

There are more places to get ebooks, more are:

6. Become a facebook freelancer

Make money on facebook by freelancing
Make money on facebook by freelancing

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person that works for organisations, brands, businesses, people and get paid.

So, being a Facebook freelancer means you will work for people on facebook and get paid.

Here is a video by Rohit Malhotra on steps to start your career in social media.

How this can make you money on facebook

You will need to learn to do something that people need on facebook and advertise to them about what you offer.

Many people don’t know that there are a lot of people who need something done. Not many go on Fiverr to choose a freelancer. There just go and search on facebook for someone that can do that of work.

Some freelancer works you can get into

  1. Graphic designer: Many people online now needs a logo for one reason or the other. Being a graphic designer might take time but if you are ready for this, you can do it.
  2. Web designer: Everyone needs a website for their business or brands. Learning how to set up a website (using front-end tools) can use less time and earn you more money.
  3. Freelance writer: Did you like writing? Are you good in writing articles, stories or books? You can write for bloggers, business owners and in return get paid.
  4. Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant is a person who manages people’s business such as replying to emails, scheduling, receiving support, customer care. You can do this on facebook pages, big pages are looking for who will do this for them.
  5. Advertising copywriting: Not every business owner knows how to write a web copy that receives clicks. If you become an advertising expert, you can get this type of business to work for.

There are a lot of freelance works, you can do more research concerning what you love doing best.

7. Start selling as a marketer

Make money on facebook by selling
Make money on facebook by selling

Selling, selling, selling. This word is mentioned every day on the internet because everyone is into marketing in one way or the other.

You can sell things on facebook to earn money. Also, you can create a page to sell your products or in your groups. Try selling directly to your Facebook friends also.

Selling on Facebook is more efficient because those products are needed by some type of people.

Products you can sell

  • Website: Do you know people sell websites? You can design websites and sell them for people who need them. Your main focus should be designing eye-catching websites.

You can contact me for Web designing.

  • Courses: what are you good in? Can you write it as a course in an Ebook? or make a video on that course? If yes, then you are ready to go. make your course and sell it to people on facebook.
  • Solid products: You can sell solid products directly on Facebook. You can get into e-commerce and sell your products on Facebook. You can join the mini importation business to buy products from china.
  • Scripts and Themes: Also, you can get into reselling of WordPress themes, plugins and site scripts. You will need to purchase a theme that has resell rights, that can cost about $49 and you can resell it to people in Nigeria who don’t have up to the required amount to purchase the software. You can sell it at 5,000NGN. If 20 people purchase it, you can see the profit.

To do something like this, make sure you find a theme that everyone wants but is expensive.

Keep searching, so you can get more ideas on things you can sell on facebook. “Google is your friend

8. Become a domain reseller to make money through facebook

Domaining is the buying and selling of domain names. You will have to buy domain names and get business owners who are interested in the domain and sell it to them.

You can purchase a domain that some products, companies, organisations will be interested in for as low as $10 and resell it to companies for up to $100 -$5,000.

Even domain providers such as Godaddy do this. See the screenshot below, a domain name is bought by Godaddy and reselling it at £2,708.59.

This is a good way to make money on facebook by investing little money. You just have to search for big companies that may need the domain and call your price for them.

Someone has written a detailed article on how this works. If you are looking for making real money online, you can purchase this ebook for just $8 and use it to make thousands.


Click on that link to buy the domaining complete tutorial ebook. If you can’t pay in Dollar. Send me a message via my contact form to get you the ebook.

9. Join a facebook contest and make money on facebook

Make money on facebook via contest
Make money on facebook via contest

Yes, you read it right. You can participate in a facebook contest. There are thousands of facebook contests out there. You join the contest of your choice and if you win, you will get a price.

How to enter facebook contests

  1. Create a facebook account. If you have not opened one.
  2. Find Facebook Sweepstakes to Enter: Follow big companies you like or you know that offers contests. Examples are O Magazine and HGTV Magazine. You can check Facebook Sweepstakes List here.
  3. Check the contest rules and regulations
  4. Enter your information to get started.

Tips for winning facebook contests

10. Buy facebook stock (For investment)

You can now invest in facebook itself. Isn’ that great? Facebook is the largest social media, having a share with them will make you a boss. Your friends will call you a shareholder. Isn’t it so?

Buying a share in a company or becoming an investor is not so easy. So you should take time and learn how things in stock buying work!


11. Manage social media accounts

It’s all the same thing. Being a social media manager, you will help business owners grow their social media account. You must be an expert to get employed in this kind of profession.

Tips for social media managers

1. Work on your communication skills

Your communication skill is very important. If you are managing as the one replying queries and questions, you should know the best way to speak to fans.

2. Plan always

Make your plans, schedule work in a mannered way. Your posts and articles should be published in order.

3. Search for companies and organization

You should search for organizations and send them proposals and your skills. You can catch their attention by offering 3days free trial or 7 days. All of these are marketing strategies.

12. Apply for a job and make money on facebook

Stop reading this article and apply for a job instead. Ohh, I don’t mean that. You can actually apply for a job on facebook.

Examples of jobs you can apply for

  • Social media manager
  • Group moderator
  • Advert manager
  • Facebook developer
  • Manage celebrity accounts
  • Become a sells man/woman

Why apply for these jobs if you can start it and become a boss on your own. I love it when “SOMEONE BECOMES A BOSS OF THEIR OWN”.

13. Promote offers

Many celebrities make offers on facebook, you can help them promote it in return to get paid.

You can also get into a good affiliate as mentioned above and promote the offer on facebook ads to reach more audience. This in return will give you many referrals.

You can start a business and promote your business on facebook, giving a good discount and offers via facebook ads. This will help you get a lot of sales.

In the selling of your ebooks, you can do the same to get more buyers. Have you seen something like below?

Before $200 | Now $35

Am sure you have. This is also one of the marketing techniques.

14. Advertise your business

To become your own boss, there is nothing better than having your own business.

Set up an online business, then promote it using Facebook ads. Also on pages, groups and other online platforms.

It also works on offline businesses. Business without promotions on facebook hasn’t gotten to the world yet.

You can also promote other peoples works for some $$$.

15. Start a lecturing group

Make money on facebook by starting a lecture
Make money on facebook by starting a lecture

Everyone is good at something, isn’t it? You should build a facebook group which will be private and premium and teach people how to do thngs you know.

Set a price there will pay, maybe monthly or a one-time payment.

How to start this

  • Choose a niche
  • Set up your branding
  • Set up your price depending on the value of the lecture
  • Get your audience
  • Promote your work
  • Start the lecture

Make sure your articles are up to date. and correct.

Also, try making live videos to get your audience to understand better. This works.

16. Sell facebook likes to make money on facebook

Last on my list. Do you know how to sell facebook likes?

My preferred way is, building a page or groups with good engagement. And make an offer for them. The offer should be about them liking a clients page.

You then get paid by the client you sell the likes to.

Note: It is not fully legal since it violets facebook terms.

Summary of how to make money through facebook

I have talked a lot on how to make money on facebook. From affiliate marketing to selling of facebook likes.

This article consists of links to external sites which you will find more details about the particular opportunities you are going into.

You can’t go into all the opportunities listed here, so you can choose up to four and work hard into it.

For more help, search google, it can help you more than how anybody can. You can also contact me on

Conclusion on How to make money on facebook

Making money on facebook is real, many people are into it. And you too can get into it.

You can also connect with facebook marketers to learn more.

Here is a video from Neil Patel on facebook marketing that can build you up.

I hope you enjoy what you’ve read. Keep coming to this page because I will keep updating ways to make money on facebook.

I also wrote some articles you should check oy out…

Don’t forget to share, Sharing is caring… If you share this, someone else will learn also.

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